Fuenlabrada has got about 200.000 inhabitants. It had a huge increase in its population due to immigration in recent years, being called the youngest town in Spain, due to the amount of children living here.We are a general Secondary School with 785 students. They are 12 to 21 years old. We cover the general secondary studies, the High School (previous to attending the University) and Vocational Training based on Woodwork. Our school has huge experience in flexible groupings as main educational methodology.
Our school is located in a low-middle class area. We do have many students whose families have strong socio-economical problems. Many of these families have low cultural and economic level. They can do little for their children´s learning needs. Many of them receive help from the Town Hall Social Services. Some of these students are at risk of possible social exclusion. It is compulsory to attend school until students are 16 years old. Some students have lack of motivation and interest towards studying. They are usually in danger of early school leaving. Those students need specific attention and help within school. Most of them are included in help to learn projects. Our school has got 10% of students who come from other countries such as Morocco, Ecuatorial Guinea, Romania, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Poland, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, China, Cameroon, Portugal, Paraguay, Nigeria, USA, Guinea and Senegal. They have a good level of Spanish, usually better spoken than written. On the other hand, there are more than 50% of parents who come from other countries. These families came mainly from South America and Africa. Many of their children were already born in Spain and some of them have already got the Spanish nationality.



Vilnius Mykolo Birziskos gymnasium is located in Justiniskes, Vilnius, in a very quiet and peaceful area of the city. This is one of the best schools not only in the city but also in Lithuania. There are around 800 students aged from 14 to 19. Since it is a high school the students are highly motivated and ambitious. They always reach for the best results not only in state examination but also in ifferent after-school activities.
Our school is modern, developing a responsible and honest citizen. In this school every student has a possibility to get a school leaving certificate according to their efforts, abilities and capabilities. This is the school which ensures that basic and secondary education programs are carried out. We also appreciate every member of our community, create the environment for students’ creativity. The students who choose this school can be sure that they will become honest, polite creative people who will be able to apply their knowledge and skills not only during examination but also in their further life.
ost of our students come from advantaged backgrounds. We also have students who live in one-parent families or families with a lot of siblings. The school does its best to help such students by providing free meals at school or school trips free of charge. We pay close attention to students who are first year students. They usually come from different schools and it is our task to show them how to become a team and how to work in a team. During each and every lesson students are taught mutual respect, tolerance towards those who have different opinions and beliefs, are from different backgrounds.
Our school’s initial task is to develop a young person who excels at not only basic subjects as Lithuanian or Mathematics, but we also try to satisfy students’ needs to improve other skills such as a good knowledge of foreign languages (English, Russian, French, German, Spanish), science, music and arts, economy and social studies.
The school has an array of extra-curricular activities to satisfy different needs. Every department has something to offer. Here students can either improve the knowledge and skills they have already got or they could start learning subjects from the start. The teachers always show initiative and in order to attract more students to choose the activities they offer various lectures, projects and integrated lessons with other subjects.